Prode Properties
Properties of pure fluids and mixtures, phase equilibria, process simulation software for Windows Linux Android

Title : fluid properties, multi phase equilibria, process simulation software for Windows Linux Android

Download the free student edition for Microsoft Windows 32, 64 (versions for Linux and Android available on request)
Documentation, includes software installation and detailed description with application examples
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The thermodynamic properties which you need

When introduced in 1993 Prode Properties was the first c++ thermodynamic library designed to provide advanced features as those available in process simulators within common applications. Prode Properties has been verified by Prode and many other companies for more than 25 years of service and now, the different versions available for Windows, Linux and Android can provide a stable platform for both everyday work and industrial applications. Prode Properties represents the best solution when a well tested, compact and easy to use library is required.
Main features:

Server Side (Linux server) online application examples

Local (desktop) Excel / OpenOffice applications in Windows

The distribution files include several applications examples for Excel, OpenOffice, Python and other tools

With Prode Properties you obtain the calculated results directly in the cells of Excel, OpenOffice, Libreoffice etc. (no need to transfer data with complex procedures)


The editor in Prode Properties allows to define compositions, inspect databases and solve unit operations...

Technical features overview (for all versions)

Typical applications