Prode Properties
Properties of pure fluids and mixtures, phase equilibria, process simulation software for Windows, Linux, Android...

Title : fluid properties, multi phase equilibria, process simulation software for Windows, Linux, Android, IOS...

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The thermodynamic properties which you need

When introduced in 1993 Prode Properties was the first c++ thermodynamic library designed to provide advanced features as those available in process simulators within spreadsheets as Lotus 1-2-3 or Microsoft Excel. For 30 years Prode Properties has been tested by many users and the actual versions (for Windows, Linux, Android...) provide a stable and reliable platform for both everyday work and industrial applications...
Main features:

Server Side (Linux server) application examples

Prode Properties can be installed on Windows and Linux servers running in multi-process , multithreaded / multicore cpu systems, a few application examples:

Fluid properties in your Pc, tablet, smartphone... a full range of applications

Prode Properties adopts a unified GUI (interface) for Windows, Linux, Android... the editor permits to edit all the information ( composition, operating conditions, models, options) in all streams, solve unit operations, inspect the databases which contain the parameters for the different chemicals, calculate BIPS (with the included data regression procedure) etc.

Fluid Properties in Excel

The distribution files include several applications examples for Excel, OpenOffice, Python and other tools, herebelow an application example showing Prode Properties solving a distillation column in Excel

With Prode Properties you obtain the calculated results directly in the cells of Excel, there is no need to transfer data with complex procedures...

fluid properties excel cells

Fluid Properties in OpenOffice

The distribution files include several examples for OpenOffice, these examples are based on Open Office Basic interface (see the notes on operating manual), a different interface (based on UNO) is available from Prode

Fluid Properties in Python

Prode Properties provides a complete set of methods for calculating fluid properties and do process simulation in Python, this example shows how to obtain fluid properties in Python terminal

Run multiple threads with Prode Properties

Prode Properties supports multithreading by design, there are no limits on number of threads, the distribution includes a desktop app (Prode Properties Tests) which allows to test the software running multiple threads

Fluid Properties for Windows, Linux, Android, IOS...

Prode Properties provides a well tested tool running on Windows, Linux, Android, IOS..., Prode Editor adopts a portable GUI based on a tabbed dialog with flickable grids, all the methods in the library adopts a standard interface

Typical applications