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Title : Distillation column absorber stripper fractionation with Excel Matlab Mathcad, software

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Excel application example : solve a distillation column

With Prode Properties you can easily solve staged columns with one or more feeds and one or more side streams, this Excel application example shows how to specify inputs and print in Excel a detailed table with results

Load the predefined Excel page, specify the problem and get the results

From Excel menu File->open , in Excel folder (in Prode Properties installation) select the file column.xls


In this page you can define different kind of columns, distillation columns with reboiler and condenser, absorbers etc. with one or more feeds and one or more side streams.


The steps to define a column are easy to follow :

To edit / modify a feed just click on the related feed's button to access the stream's editor


Once the column has been defined it is suggested to verify the input data specifically for inconsistent specifications, if you are sure that all is Ok run the solver (button Solve Column)


The procedure prints a detailed report which includes :

This example shows how Properties can be useful in everyday work, it permits to solve rigorously, easily and quickly many different problems within your preferred applications.

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