Prode download Area

Title : Prode download area

Notes :
1) binary files are compiled from C++ sources with reference compilers as VStudio and LLVM
distributions created with open source codes as Inno-Setup (Windows), Debian (Linux), Android Studio (Android),
before to install, we recommend to verify files integrity with SHA1 codes provided for each file,
if you wish to test for malware and viruses make sure to adopt tools from reputable companies, verified to provide reliable results, note that some online tools searching for generic patterns can generate false alarms due to code complexity,
2) please contact Prode to obtain the applications not listed here
3) to start download click on the name of requested file...
4) files may be password protected, take note of passwords provided below
5) to install log in as admin before to run application

SHA1 54e6757596e6cced384b2d21a63745bd80e58b72
Prode Properties, Microsoft Windows 64 bit version, properties of pure fluids and mixtures, process simulation.
Installation is password protected, as password enter friend

SHA1 ABB2960603AF8EB1B8CE77A9CFE29B73734745E6
Prode Thermodynamic Server, Microsoft Windows 32 and 64 bit versions included, Prode Industrial Interface allows real time data processing via OPC & MODBUS.
Installation is password protected, as password enter friend