Prode Process Interface
Properties of pure fluids and mixtures, multi phase equilibria, process simulation, software

Title : OPC MODBUS natural gas hydrocarbons dew point thermodynamics hydrate formation software

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Requires Prode Properties preinstalled.
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OPC stands for OLE for Process Controls, it is a industry wide standard that allows connectivity between different devices, software applications, control systems. In OPC the servers provide methods which other software packages, the clients, can access to exchange data, each control device, such as a PLC or DCS and instruments can exchange data.


MODBUS is an application-layer messaging protocol, it provides client-server communication between devices connected on different types of buses or networks,a industrial serial standard since 1979 MODBUS enables millions of automation devices to communicate.

Prode Properties

Prode Properties is the thermodynamic framework created by Prode, it solves problems such as physical properties data, process simulation, optimization and realtime control.

Prode Industrial Process Interface

Available in different versions since 1995 Prode industrial interface works as a bridge between the world of industrial applications and the specialized software required for calculating thermodynamic properties. Many applications need access to rigorous thermodynamic calculations and Prode interface in union with Prode Properties allows this at effective cost and in a very simple way.
Prode Interface includes :

the inclusion of a OPC server, a OPC client and a MODBUS device allows direct connections with almost all industrial systems including DCS, on-line instruments etc.


The Interface receives data from inline instruments such as gas chromatographs or DCS systems and returns in realtime a series of calculated values, standard version has more than 30 predefined properties (see the list below), custom versions are available for expanding the list of properties

Custom versions can extend the features by including :

Simple and intuitive interface

The main view allows a complete control on operations:



During the operations different events may occur. Prode Interface includes procedures for validating data and generating error / warning messages when the program detects a possible problem. When the problem is related to one (or more) ports the program can use different colors to emphasize the row (in the list of ports) which is related with the detected problem.

Custom versions

On request Prode software is available preinstalled and tested in different types of industrial grade computers, these can be very small with rugged metal case, splash/dust resistant.

Custom Solut.

Prode Interface, technical features overview

Prode Properties, technical features overview (Windows version)

Typical applications