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Prode Valves
design, rating & automatic selection

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Design, sizing, rating and automatic selection of control, safety, relief valves

Prode Valves can assist in design, rating and selection of control, safety, relief valves, in addition to procedures for rigorous design and rating Prode Valves offers the benefit to automatically identify the most suitable product and fills in all detailing specifications.

  • Design and rating of control valves and safety valves in agreement with international standards.
  • Identify the most suitable products and fill in all detailed specification.
  • Plot different kind of graphs for quick evaluation of valve's performance.
  • Connect to multiple databases to store and retrieve data, search data by different keywords and patterns, easily navigate between different items, access single user and multiuser archives, concurrent operations with items protected by passwords.
  • Easily define, store and retrieve multiple configurations including language, database connecions, units of measurement, currency.
  • Integrates with Prode Properties, a specialized framework which adds the benefits of accessing a large library of chemicals and the capability of isothermal, adiabatic, isentropic flash operations required in multiphase calculations.

Prode Valves includes customizable archives with manufacturer's models, product's specifications and commercial codes. As software developers we welcome any enquiry for customizing this software or create new products.


Control Valves and Safety Valves Modules

  • Data viewing in both spreadsheet mode (with capability of full editing) form view and graph view.
  • Access to a control valves wizard which fully automates the procedure of sizing / rating / selecting a valve.
  • Powerful search engine to extract from local or remote archives the data which meet the criteria defined by the user.
  • Single user and multi user concurrent operations (password protected).
  • Easy control of units of measurement.
  • Customizable data sheets.
  • Set of graphs for quick evaluations of most important operating factors.


Graph View

Prode Valves supports different graph types, plotted results are calculated at conditions (inlet and outlet pressure and temperature) specified by user but in a range of flow rates, as example the control valves module includes :

  • Noise vs. Flow rate.
  • Flow rate vs. % Lift.
  • Flow rate vs. Control variable.


Form View

Prode Valves supports three data viewing modes, spreadsheet mode (with capability of full editing), form view and graph view. The user can define templates to represent data in different ways, it's possible to define a layout to show only process calc's, one for process calc's plus mechanical specifications, one for commercial proposals and so on. Once defined the different templates can be easily loaded in control valves and safety valves modules to get different representations of the same data set.


Intelligent Wizard

The wizard included in Prode Valves greatly simplifies the whole process of design, rating and selecting a valve, it walks the user step by step through the required tasks by presenting the most appropriate interface and requiring to enter only the strictly necessary information, this saves time and reduces the possibility of errors.


Integration with Prode Properties

Prode Valves integrates with Prode Properties which adds the benefits of a rigorous thermodynamic framework for calculating equilibria and transport properties of pure fluids and mixtures.

  • Adiabatic, isentropic flash operations required by multiphase methods as homogeneous equilibrium (HEM) Omega method, homogeneous nonequilibrium (HNE) etc.
  • Equilibria (isothermal flash operations) and transport properties
  • Gas ( vapor ) , liquid, two-phases properties.
  • User defined library (only a few constants required to define a generic fluid)

Design codes and standards

Prode valves procedures conforms to international standards (where applicable) :

  • ISA S75.01
  • IEC 534.8.3 / IEC 534.8.4
  • API RP 520 / 521
  • ISO 4126

Prode Engineering Perspective users are invited to contact Prode for discussing the applications of Prode Valves