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Heat Exchangers Design

Simple and effective thermal design and rating of heat exchangers

Prode HED provides a simple and effective way for the thermal design and rating of shell and tube heat exchangers, Prode HED analyses all the common heat exchangers processes :

  • Sensible heat, both liquid and vapor
  • Forced circulation evaporators
  • Horizontal and vertical condensers
  • Falling film evaporators

User friendly Interface

Prode HED is a Microsoft Windows application developed by Prode, compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ and compatible with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000.
The interface features graphing capabilities, easy editing and choice of different units of measurement.


Fluid properties

Prode HED works alongside Prode PPP to predict fluid properties and heat curves for a wide range of pure fluids and mixtures. Prode PPP comprehensive thermodynamic models in union with zone analysis provide a great flexibility, the user is also allowed to specify directly fluid properties.

  • Fluid properties may be specified directly by the user or calculated with Prode PPP.
  • Rigorous heat curves with Prode PPP.
  • Multizone analysis.

Heat transfer models

Prode HED does multizone analysis via stepwise calculations, different combinations of heat transfer models are allowed:

  • Single phase fluids in laminar, transition or turbulent flow regime.
  • Boiling of liquids.
  • Condensation of vapors.

Exchanger configurations

Prode HED can handle several different configurations:

  • TEMA type designations for front end, shell and rear end.
  • Single, double and triple segmental baffles.
  • Tube layout may be 30 or 60 degree triangular, 45 or 90 degree square.


Prode HED produces a detailed report including:

  • Properties of mixture including VLE (multizone analysis).
  • Comprehensive information on shellside and tubeside heat transfer coefficents.
  • Tema data sheet.

Prode Engineering Perspective users are invited to contact Prode for discussing the applications of Prode HED